The secrets of our favourite dishes

George Zaharioudakis chooses some of his favorite dishes and unveils some secrets about their creation.

  • Aromatic salts cover the fish overnight. The fish is built in salt and then it's going in the oven. Finally it comes out naked after we break the salt, but when eaten it's not salty at all.
  • Kri-Kri's ravioli are coined with seafood flavor, so they won't rely on the lobster filling for that distinct sea freshness.
  • The seafood soup with pectinidaes and porfyres is extraordinary: porfyres have the luxury to give all the iodine of the sea to the soup. Saffron gives even higher nutritional value.
  • Definitely one of Kri-Kri's specialties is the bouillabaisse which goes through a process of two phases, as any other dish in the restaurant. George Zaharioudakis' wife and the cooks of the restaurant do most of the work during the day, boiling the heads, the tails, the shrimps and everything available at the moment. This broth is enriched the moment that the customer orders the soup, so he can choose which fish he likes and the bouillabaisse is cooked again in front of him.
  • The famous Kri-Kri's seafood gelatin is about a gel of lobster, mussels, smoked and fresh salmon, black and white caviar and more. The gelatin aromatized with the broth of the bouillabaisse.
  • Velvet risotto with urchin's fresh egg is cooked in two phases as well.
  • A rich seafood salad with lots of green -avocado, endives, radicchio, rocket, basil, etc.- and of course prawns, squid, octopus, sardines and under your order by anything you like, like fresh lobster.
  • The exceptional seafood carpaccio is a pyramid of vegetables pressed together with fillets of seafood and fish all around.
  • Crepe Alaska: season fruits in ice cream wrapped in fluffy meringue aromatized with champagne.
  • Crepe fantasy: it is so difficult to describe the result of technical and fantasy! A round tiramisu of a "snowman" of white chocolate changes faces when the warm chocolate covers it.
  • Significant innovation the frosted panacotta semifreddo which maintains its cream very soft.
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